“On April 10, the Trilogy at La Quinta homeowners’ association announced a bingo evening, scheduled for May 18, to be hosted by local drag queen Rusty Waters.

Two days later, the HOA took it back.

In the April 12 message to residents, the Trilogy at La Quinta Maintenance Association board said unspecified “concerns” had been “voiced by some members of our community regarding Mr. Waters,” causing the event to be “modified.”

“This diversity and inclusion extends to the type of entertainment that may be offered to our residents,” the message said. “As a result, we will look to reschedule Mr. Waters to a later date at the start of next season in fall 2023. We hope to have a full house for that event, and expect that all attendees will act with both respect and civility towards the entertainer, staff and the Activities Committee volunteers putting on the show. … Thank you to everyone who contacted management and the board of directors over the last 24 hours. Your collective voices were heard…”

Trilogy Drag Invite

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