“As golfers, when we get within a couple weeks of a long-awaited golf trip, we tend to anxiously reload the long-range forecast to make sure rain and cold won’t dampen the fun. Except if that trip is to Palm Springs. Averaging over 350 days of sunshine each year, the California desert’s predictable warm, dry and sunny conditions make it a popular destination for golfers. The only worry is just how hot it will be.

More than just near-perfect weather, Palm Springs offers tremendous views of the San Jacinto Mountains, which climb to over 10,000 feet and provide a picturesque backdrop for the quality desert golf. Unlike Arizona’s desert golf, where cacti-ridden sand captures nearly every shot that misses the fairway, Palm Springs’ take on the style is slightly more generous. Though the desert is present, the landing areas are often wider, with rough and bunkers grabbing wayward shots…”

Golf Digest Best Places

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