“Terry Hastings’ canvas can have ripples. It shimmers in the sun. Objects can float on the surface. People have been known to jump into his canvas, but that’s rare.

The Palm Springs artist orchestrates his own version of water ballet and then captures it with his camera. “This basically is just my form of theater without having the giant crew, six weeks of rehearsal, and memorizing lines,” Hasting says, smiling. “Creating a story and then figuring out how to tell the story, but just in one photo, basically.”

His work is an off-shoot of David Hockney, a 20th century British gay artist who migrated to Los Angeles in the 1960s and played a major role in the pop art movement. Hockney, now 84, created a series of paintings of swimming pools during that same time including The Splash, which just last year sold at auction in London for $29.8 million to a Hong Kong billionaire…”

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