“Nothing beats immersion in a body of water on a warm day. No matter if that body is circular, oval, square, rectangular, shaped like a piano, a tennis racket, or internal organs (heart, kidney). If it features a bubbler, a tanning bench, or a stone grotto with an integrated slide — all the better.

Would our contemporary Palm Springs be possible without pools? There would be no quick morning dip, no reason to go out on hot afternoons. We wouldn’t buy inflatable sea serpents, cabana-stripe towels, or resort wear. Floating LED lights bearing hotel logos would be useless. Without pools, there would be neither “Poolside Gossip” by Slim Aarons nor “A Bigger Splash” by David Hockney. The 2012 Palm Springs Art Museum exhibition Backyard Oasis: The Swimming Pool in Southern California Photography, 1945–1982 would have been inconceivable…”

Swimming Pools Aerial Photography

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