“The attacks on our community and allies never end and seem to be worse this year: From the recent murder of Lauri Carleton for flying a rainbow flag, to the murder of gay dancer Shea O’Sibley for voguing at a gas station, 2023 is proving to be a deadly year.

LGBTQ people poured into the streets throughout June to celebrate Pride with joy. But July brought a series of violent hate crimes, a GOP-led hearing in the House on gender-affirming care, a Moms for Liberty conference targeting LGBTQ people, yet more book bans, and the prospect of a long autumn filled with dangerous rhetoric from Republican presidential candidates.

How do we move forward in the midst of grief and fear and tap into collective resilience and even hope—especially after the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) issued a declaration of a state of emergency? Queer Forty reports from the front lines in the battle for LGBTQ lives and what we can do to save ourselves and each other…”

Surviving 2023 QueerForty

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