The freedom to marry who we wish was long fought for and is now a reality. We should celebrate that, and also the freedom to divorce with rights, in issues including property division, child support and custody, and many more. If you are considering divorce or have already made up your mind to it, and believe in a non-confrontational process, a professional mediator can make all the difference.

Divorce Rights

Do you know your rights when it comes to divorce? Have you considered what you want in important issues concerning child and spousal support, property division, debt repayment, life and medical insurance. A professional mediator will sit down with you and your spouse in a caring, non-confrontational environment and help you identify the divorce issues that are a source of stress. The mediator acts as an unbiased guide to lead you to a mutual agreement and appropriate action.

Resolving the Issues

When you make the decision to divorce, A Fair Way Mediation Center can assist you with almost any issue associated with divorce or separation. Often people on the verge of divorce can be feeling conflicted and uncertain of what they want to do. Our mediators act as unbiased third parties. Their years of experience with divorce issues can guide you through each issue, answer your questions, and help you make the best decisions. Let us help you decide:

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