“In early February, Rooster and the Pig and Rio Azul Mexican Bar and Grill were forced to close—during the busiest time of year—due to electrical issues in their building.

At the time, the restaurant owners said on social media that it would take at least three weeks for power to be restored. It took more than two months.

As a result, Rio Azul, at 350 S. Indian Canyon Drive, in Palm Springs, has closed for good. In a heartbreaking social media video on May 16, owner Daniela Saenz said she and her father, chef Ernesto Gastelum, couldn’t afford to re-open, even though Rio Azul was properly insured. She explained that the insurance company would only consider income in recent years to determine the business’ loss—which included times during the pandemic when the restaurant was closed. In a subsequent video, she said the restaurant had been sold…”

Rio Azul Address

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