“It’s a hot weekend morning in June, and the Salton Sea is feeling the aftershocks from a flurry of earthquakes, including a 5.3 shaker that rattled the region from its epicenter in Calipatria, about 90 miles southeast of Palm Springs. It was felt as for north as Indio, a reminder that we live on the San Andreas Fault, the most notorious fault line in the world, whose menacing beauty courses 800 miles, from the Salton Sea through Greater Palm Springs and up to Cape Mendocino.
It also reminded me of my first Red Jeep tour with Desert Adventures, hanging on tight as our guide maneuvered our bouncy ride through the geological cuts and canyons of the mighty San Andreas Fault Zone. He stopped at points along the way to explain how the shifting Pacific and North American tectonic plates — with the help of water, wind, and time — created the canyons. He also gave us the skinny about several stunning geologic anomalies and how the Cahuilla Indians lived in this inhospitable environment…”

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