Way Chill Life, LLC is a resource for spiritual information. Way Chill Life believes all religions have magic and personal truths within them and that world peace is possible. Way Chill Life was created to help you to love, have great health and be conscious of your life and what exists around you.

The work includes Reiki, Energy Healing, Angelic Beings, Shamanism, Indigenous Teachings, Astrology, World Religions and much more.  Way Chill Life is about living a peaceful life, where the individual fulfills their own purpose in life, where the individual heals themselves from pain, guilt, worry and all fears with healing side effects as we grow inter-dimensional.  Way Chill Life is a universal life style that is about conscious beings in a constant state of change and rebirth, to achieve wholeness.

Rachel Collier is a 1st Dan Master Rainbow Reiki, Licensed Angelic Teacher & Healer, and Master de Usui Reiki. She has been studying world religions and healing since age ten years old. She believes deeply in a combined learning; “You have much to teach me, as I have much to teach you. By working together, I will assist you in reconnecting to the Earth, to the guides, to guardian angels, and to yourself.

1700 South Araby Drive
Palm Springs, California 92264