Hello all! I am Jason and I am here to HELP you or those you love to change the way they see themselves and their personal fitness.  I have been interested in fitness for over 27 years and have researched numerous exercise techniques and ways in which to make “EASY” adjustments towards a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.  I believe in and practice FOCUSING our breaths and minds during all movements.  Through this type of MINDFUL EXERCISE, you are able to FEEL your body moving and that CREATES an INCREASED DESIRE to keep working on yourself.  It is a CREATIVE process that only gets BETTER and BETTER with continued practice.

I have trained with all ages from 6 to 93 and have created programs to help each invidual REALIZE their POTENTIAL to have a HEALTHY and ACTIVE LIFE.  Whether you desire to become more flexible, mobile, or develop lean muscle, we can ACCOMPLISH it together!  

If you are tired of the “No pain, no gain” mentality and still want results….get in touch with me and lets set up your first session. 🙂

I look forward to CELEBRATING your SUCCESS with you!  


Palm Springs, California 92262