An integrative clinic committed to healing with cannabis using our very own products developed and refined by the practitioners who use them every day.

An integrative health clinic committed to healing the mind, body and spirit with our own specially developed cannabis based products and services.

Developed by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbology with over 20 years of experience running integrative clinics, the Pure Healing Cannabis Clinic is the first of its kind. Pure Healing combines acupuncture, herbal medicine and modern functional science approaches with the power of cannabis medicine treatments and our specially formulated cannabis products.

Our team of practitioners will design personalized programs to treat, among others, pain, sleep, stress, anxiety, digestive and hormonal issues. Pure Healing Cannabis Clinics will also serve as a research and development setting for sister company Pure Ratios, which produces a variety of state of the art cannabis wellness products.

12021 Palm Drive
Desert Hot Springs, California 92240