JOHN LUGAR PRODUCTIONS is proud to present Platinum TRIBUTES™

Platinum TRIBUTES™ are professional motion pictures created from your personal and professional photos, film, and video.

A luxury product for a sophisticated clientele, they are the perfect way to celebrate life’s special events, milestones, and passions.

John Lugar is a producer/director with 25 years of Hollywood experience. He has an MFA in film directing from the American Film Institute and has produced projects for United Artists, Warner Brothers, and ABC, most notably the award winning series, CHINA BEACH.

JOHN LUGAR PRODUCTIONS brings your story to life seamlessly with classic filmmaking techniques, expert narrative instincts, and indelible music. 

A Platinum TRIBUTE™ represents motion picture making of the quality seen in awards show memorial tributes and prestigious historical documentaries.

A Platinum TRIBUTE™ is not a slide show, dancing photo album, or animated scrapbook created in minutes from canned D.I.Y. software templates, but a fully executed, precision-edited motion picture, just like real Hollywood movie!

No other amateur or professional presentation of its kind can duplicate the quality and emotional impact of a Platinum TRIBUTE™

Although JOHN LUGAR PRODUCTIONS can also produce and add original video, interviews, and voice over, most clients enjoy the simple elegance of masterfully choreographed still images and music.

Many clients, particularly brides and grooms, prefer a Platinum TRIBUTE™ created from world-class professional photographs to a keepsake presentation produced by a sometimes disruptive full-scale video crew. A Platinum TRIBUTE™ is also a cost-effective alternative to full-scale video, and of equal or greater quality.

Each Platinum TRIBUTE™ aspires to be a work of art. That’s why we say Platinum TRIBUTES™ are “THE ULTIMATE MOTION PICTURE EXPERIENCE™”

We invite you to visit us at to see more Platinum TRIBUTES™ and experience first-hand the glowing testimonials for our work.

We then look forward to producing an unforgettable Platinum TRIBUTE™ that you, your family, friends, and clients will cherish forever.  

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