Our Vision

To uphold the highest Fiduciary standards and practices; advocate and protect clients civil and legal rights for maximum independence and self reliance, and adhere to the code of ethics of the Professional Fiduciary Bureau and the Professional Fiduciary Association of California.

Phisco Fiduciary helps people maintain maximum independence and self-reliance by providing assistance with financial affairs – from day-to-day matters to wills, estates and trusts. Scott Phipps is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary who brings remarkable experience and credentials to serve you.

His business management experience with non-profit organizations promotes social awareness and values in his work. In addition his spirital pursuit including a Masters of Divinity and subsequent life as an ordained clergy and bishop granted him discernment with complex affairs with complete confidentiality. Scott’s personal and professional skills have united as a Fiduciary and he is proud to be serving the State of California with an expert team and professional advisors.

Scott S.H. Phipps, MDiv, CLPF, NCG

611-633 South Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, California 92264