Come join us for a wonderful meal in the mountains. Located at the intersection of the 74 and 371 highways in Mountain Center, CA, we welcome Bikers, Hikers, and Horseback riders. Our dog friendly patio is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon. So whether you are coming from the desert, the mountains, or the beach, we are here to offer you the best food in a great environment.

Paradise Valley Cafe was established in 1939 by a lady famously known as “Pistol Annie.” She got the name by carrying 2 six shooters on each hip. Situated close to 5000 feet above sea level a mile from the Pacific crest trail at the junction of 2 scenic highways Ca 74 and Ca 371. Its a 30 minute drive to Palm Desert or a 45 minute drive to the Temecula wine country. Over the years the place has gone through several owners, which resulted in a few name changes. For example Backwoods inn, Paradise Corner cafe.

In 2010 Neel Joshi took over the restaurant and returned it to its original name ” Paradise Valley Cafe.” Neel has always been involved in food mainly because of his background. His father is from India and his mother from Genoa, Italy. After graduation he went to work for Sysco, Los Angeles. After 10 years with the company as a Marketing Manager, decided to give up the corporate structure and start his own restaurant. He has had a couple of successful restaurants before Paradise, namely Molly’s in San Bernardino and Holy Cow in Los Angeles. He takes pride in the fact that all food is homemade often coming from long established family recipes. Most popular are homemade chili, chicken curry, penne pasta Split pea soup and for desert Tiramisu.

61721 California 74
Mountain Center, California 92561