It has been an amazing journey…

That started 24 years ago when I joined The Gauntlet as a body piercer. Over that time, I’ve had the opportunity to open many of my own studios, finally landing here in Palm Springs in 2004. Through Palm Springs Piercing Company, I have met and worked with many amazing clients, many of whom I consider dear friends. I am indebted to those who have supported me and encouraged me to build a piercing business that I take great pride in.

Six years ago, I had the incredible luck to meet my husband, Rob. He came to me for one ear piercing and has been at my side ever since. With his assistance, we grew the business even more on the retail clothing side. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic of 2020, the menswear division got us through.As my 25th anniversary as a body piercer approaches, I must admit that I am a bit tired. Piercing dozens of clients weekly is taking its toll on both Rob and me. So, after a great deal of thought and business planning, we have decided to retire from the body modification industry and give our full attention to Division Clothing.

We have set a date of July 26th as the last day of business for Palm Springs Piercing Company. After that date we will no longer perform services of any kind as the piercing room will not be set up for procedures. Also, we will not be taking any more special orders for jewelry but will continue to process those that have already been placed.

I am eternally grateful to all who have contributed to our shop’s success. We hope that you will be as excited as us as we begin our new endeavor.

David McCammon

210 East Arenas Road
Palm Springs, California 92262