Nissan Dealership In Cathedral City, CA

Welcome to the Palm Springs Nissan family. We strive to provide everyone with a pleasant, fun and truly exceptional car buying experience. We are also committed to a safe environment for our guests and staff by providing daily disinfectant of all furniture and customer contact areas. We have over 20 hand sanitizing stations, plexiglass partitions and masks available for anyone that needs them. Come see for yourself why people enjoy doing business with Palm Springs Nissan. We believe in long term service and relationships.

We believe in doing everything in our power to assist our customers with their automotive future, and for that reason we have always listened to our customers and made sure that they were provided with superior customer services. It does not stop there however, because we have also made sure that we have the new and used vehicle that you want, and we have made sure that we offer the services that you want and need for your Nissan. We have done our best to provide with everything that you might need, and now all you have to do is come and visit Palm Springs Nissan and take advantage of what we can do.

A new Nissan is truly a beautiful sight. They have so much to offer our customers that we cannot help but be amazed by them time and time again, but now it is your turn to be amazed. Come to Palm Springs Nissan and take a look at our selection. We have hundreds of cars that all want to be driven, and you might be just the person that they are looking for. Our sales associates will take the time to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need from a Nissan on our lot. There are a lot of vehicles to look through, but we are sure that the right one is just waiting for you on our lot.

The used vehicle market may seem scary at first. There are a lot of horror stories out there, and quite frankly, we do not understand why. When you come to Palm Springs Nissan for your used vehicle you do not have to worry about accidentally picking out a horror story. Every one of our vehicles is quality inspected so that they can provide you with everything that you need to create a great story for your automotive future. If you are thinking about trading in your vehicle to help you get into a new one, then we can help you out with that too. A trade-in is a great way to stretch your budget and it can even help you clear up some room in your driveway.

Getting the right service for your vehicle is very important, especially when you are driving a Nissan. Nissan vehicles are like a premium brand hiding behind a simpler price tag, and not everyone knows what they are doing when they dive under the hood of a Nissan, but the staff at Palm Springs Nissan knows exactly what they are doing. They will take care of everything that your Nissan needs, from oil changes to major engine and transmission work to just about anything else. Not only will we get your Nissan back into working order, but we will make sure that you are comfortable during the entire process.

Getting the right part for your Nissan isn’t always easy if you are trusting in your local parts shop, that is why you should come to us. We know what we are doing and we can make sure that the part you get is right for you. Not only that, but we can provide you with the genuine OEM part that your Nissan deserves. With our huge inventory you can be sure to get your part quickly so that you can get the installation process over and done with. If you are not looking forward to handling the installation yourself, then you can leave it to us and we will make sure that your Nissan has everything that it needs. We are here for everything relating to the parts or service of your Nissan.


68177 Kyle Road
Cathedral City, California 92234