New Age Fudge Company is a Web based company who offers a large variety of over 16 flavors of freshly made handcrafted fudge. Vegan, Sugar Free, Custom Made and Seasonal Flavors available all delivered with our Eco-Friendly boxes. 

Our product is perfect for Corporate, Wholesale, Birthdays, Weddings, Party Favors or simply to put a smile on your face or of those you love.. 

We are not just a fudge company. We are an altruistic movement. Our Intention is to share LOVE and PEACE with the healing properties of Chocolate (FUDGE) and send a gentle reminder with every delivery to …

  • Stay in your heart and remember that you more than anyone else in the universe deserve your LOVE and affection
  • Make good choices and do the things that keep your life in balance as this will bring you PEACE of mind.
  • Seek to understand and see through the eyes of compassion for yourself and others

And NEVER Forget….Life is short…Eat Fudge!!!!


1291 Simpson Way
Escondido, California 92029