About Me

It’s been fifteen-plus years since I kicked off what I’d call a thoroughly rewarding career in the bicycle industry. In that relatively quick span I’ve held numerous positions, if not a variety of titles: front man in a pro/high-end retail space to the all business back of a Mom and Pop repair shop. 

At the same time, I always made a habit of giving back, seeding the local cycling culture best I could. By that I mean a willingness to lend my hard-earned insights to both fellow technicians and salespeople: from basic management know-how to the most meticulous and exact tuning of exotic, space station quality components.

That said, my last eight years have been dedicated—I don’t use the term loosely—to the all-details/all-the-time management of a brick and mortar business; arguably the Coachella Valley’s signature bike shop. 

As local as it gets, what I gained from that experience nonetheless amounted to a pivotal, nearly life defining lesson: seeing, day-in/day-out that smaller is truly superior. And, moreover, that pursuing and achieving service interactions at a more personal level was even better. 

Now I’m able to bring all that acquired wisdom—old school bike values alloyed to full spectrum familiarity with leading edge cycling technology—to you. Yes, it’s kind of a bygone notion, but I am a specialist who makes house calls. 

Closing out, my pitch rests on two basic points. First, addition by subtraction: All the time-consuming hassle of hauling your bike to a shop, then doubling back to transport it home becomes a thing of the past. 

But beyond convenience, a tune or maintenance performed in your driveway or workplace, it’s done right. 

From beach cruiser bought at a big box store to pro level road or all-mountain bike, my wrenching is backed by United Bicycle Institute certification. Not to mention the wide circle of carryover customers who’ve grown accustomed to my downhome—now mobile—ethos.

302 North Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, California 92262