We’re here for good.

Since 1979, Inter Valley Health Plan has consistently served the Inland Empire with a level of caring and service unsurpassed by the competition. Arising out of the need for a strong community health plan in the Inland Empire, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center and a group of dedicated, private practice physicians joined to create Inter Valley Health Plan.

Since then, we’ve been around the block, and our track record proves it. We’ve grown to over 25,000 members throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange counties. Our year-in and year-out dedication to our members continues to result in exceptional member loyalty. We’re financially sound, committed to our members, and have demonstrated over 38 years of staying put.

As a not-for-profit, federally qualified, Medicare Advantage Organization contracted with Medicare, you can be assured that Inter Valley Health Plan meets all state and federal requirements.

We’re for your health & vitality.  Not for profit.

Sure, we need to always be financially stable to flourish, but our financial motivation is completely different. Instead of feeding our profits back to shareholders, we reinvest in our members. We put the money back into the health plan for the ultimate benefit of our members. Providing great health care coverage is our first and foremost priority. We’ll stake our business on it.

We’re all about Medicare.

Providing coverage for people on Medicare is all we do. In addition to the health plans we offer, we provide useful health education and wellness programs for our members and for the community.

300 South Park Avenue
Pomona, California 91766