At intelli-home, we look at your entire house as one system to create a healthier, safer and energy efficient living environment. Desert homes are in an extreme climate and carry health risks associated with indoor air pollution, consume more energy and are less comfortable.

For a limited time, we can offer homeowners in the Coachella Valley a subsidy-paid ($675) home evaluation.  It’s an 84-point home inspection that checks your indoor air quality that can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.  We detect safety issues like minor gas leaks and carbon monoxide that are poisoning your home. And we calculate your energy waste that can be doubling your utility costs.

Our engineering team will provide you with a comprehensive home analysis report showing how your home is performing from a health, safety and energy efficiency perspective.  You will learn how you can live in an ultra-clean and germ-free home, fix safety issues and lower all your utility costs (water, gas and electric) by 30-50%, even without solar.

We are 1 of only 10 BPI (Building Performance Institute) licensed companies in California and the only one serving Coachella Valley. BPI standards have the most stringent accountability procedures and use scientific testing metrics to ensure all promises to our customers are verified and proven.

Schedule your subsidy-paid home evaluation today.  There is nothing to lose with the NO COST evaluation and you have everything to gain regarding your health, safety and energy efficiency.


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