Founded in 1996, Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter is dedicated to responsible pet stewardship and the humane treatment of animals.  Friends has been actively raising funds to assist the PS Animal Shelter with operational needs since it’s inception.

On November 1, 2012 the City of Palm Springs and Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter entered into an agreement allowing Friends to assume operation of the shelter. This partnership paved the way for a new model of sheltering in the City of Palm Springs, and as a result the Palm Springs Animal Shelter is the only public shelter operating under a no-kill philosophy in the Coachella Valley.

Committed to being a humane and compassionate animal care and adoption center, the shelter does not euthanize animals for space, or for length of stay. As a public, open admissions shelter we provide a safe haven for ALL animals; adoptable, those who require rehabilitation, training and those requiring minor to severe medical treatment.

To meet the challenge of compassionately operating a public shelter, Friends relies on donations, volunteers, community support and of course, ADOPTIONS!

Together, we are leading the way towards a no-kill Coachella Valley

4575 East Mesquite Avenue
Palm Springs, California 92264