Desert’s Finest is located in the heart of downtown Desert Hot Springs; an emerging small city known for the best drinking water in the world, odorless natural hot mineral wells and several boutique and extravagant large spas, health and wellness, and, as of the last few years, leading the way in California for recreational and medical cannabis.

We offer a wide verity of products for both recreational customers and medical patients, from affordable and top-shelf flower to the popular vape brands, to all the oils and tinctures you’re looking for, to the most trusted edible brands.

The founders of Desert’s Finest launched their dispensary to provide top-quality clean and pesticide free cannabis to the desert community with compassionate prices. The team proudly seeks out California’s top clean pesticide free cannabis products with which to supply our customers. Every member of the Desert’s Finest team believes that dispensaries patients and customers should enjoy a product that smells, tastes, and heals to our customer’s highest expectations.

We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest trends within the cannabis industry and having a knowledgable and friendly staff to ensure you will come in comfortable, then leave confident and satisfied with your purchase.  If you already have an indica, sativa or hybrid you know you like, or are brand new and have a lot of questions, come visit us and meet our budtenders.  We can help you leave quickly with your favorite product or can spend some time with you to help you find what you like.

For medical patients, whether you are suffering from chronic disorders or physical pains, Desert’s Finest offers organically grown and top quality reserve medical marijuana products. Our selection includes highly rated products that patients recommend and love from their personal experiences.

Desert’s Finest equips medical marijuana patients throughout Desert Hot Springs with expert care and top-quality clean pesticide free cannabis medicine. We’re fully licensed under CA Prop 64 and Prop 215, and the Desert’s Finest team welcomes suffering individuals to visit its dispensary and learn how medical marijuana can improve their quality of life.

For recreational users, we offer products that will help you find any effect to compliment your life. Whether you are an expert or novice, you can curate and enrich your cannabis journey, you can find a strain that suits your lifestyle. If you’re looking for something to help you relax and rest, or something that helps you focus on a task on hand, we have a recommendation for you.

Desert’s Finest offers what the experienced cannabis user needs, and our budtenders await to help those who want to learn and discover. We offer a happy hour from 8am to 9am, and have specials you can keep up with here on our website and social media channels. Let us help you make your experience truly yours.

8 AM to 10 PM Daily

12106 Palm Drive
Desert Hot Springs, California 92240