Take your shirt off. And put ours on.
David Mason ‘men’s’ tee’s are, by design, unisex. So regardless of your gender, our ‘men’s’ tees are guaranteed to fit you.

About Us
My favorite thing to answer (and the most commonly asked question is how did I come up with the name. I came up with David Mason because I wanted there to be a story behind the brand that had personal meaning. So I played around with a ton of different name combo’s of various people, places, things that mean a lot to me. So here’s the breakdown:

David is my dad’s name, which is also my middle name.

Mason is the street I grew up on in Appleton Wisconsin.

I’ve spent the most of 2017 figuring out the direction that I want to take David Mason going forward. I am very pleased, and very excited to launch this fall with the new look and feel of David Mason. And I hope each of you enjoy it as well.

Company Facts
– Founded in 2015
– Began in Milwaukee WI, now located in Palm Springs, CA.
– Products are designed & printed in America; specifically California.
– I (Jeff), am a one man show! It’s just me, and my computer, and my super sassy, and lovable feline, Florence. She’s always around for moral support.
– #davidmason on social!