Welcome to Celebrity Consignments of Palm Springs!

Home to gently used furniture, art, and countless accessories that will add a touch of style to your home. Our objective is twofold: to help people get rid of their furniture at fair prices, and to help individuals find the best furniture to spruce up their living space. Every new day brings new inventory so check in with us frequently to take a look at the latest deals and designs. No matter what type of furniture you want to buy or sell, here at Celebrity Consignments we are committed to giving you an exquisite experience. Having two location for pick up, one in Los Angeles, ensures that the furniture we receive is from a broad spectrum of homes from Santa Barbara Spanish style to Malibu's contemporary taste. Pickups from the Beverly Hills & Bellaire area provides a large range of style variety to our store. Whether your style is Mid-Century Modern, Spanish, Contemporary, Transitional, or Shabby Chic you are sure to find something you will love. 

67777 East Palm Canyon Drive
Cathedral City, California 92234