“Frank Sinatra arrived for the fall opening of Ruby’s Dunes like royalty entering a castle in the final days of Camelot. An illuminated palm tree towered over the fortress-like supper club. An orange door opened from the mosaic rock wall, and the 53-year-old voice of a generation entered a bygone world where friends greeted one another with, “How’s your bird?”

Sinatra, wearing a fire-engine red windbreaker, was met by friends in fine suits and elegant dresses, including actors Robert Wagner and Ruta Lee, and future Palm Springs Life society editor Gloria Greer. Jack Pfeiffer tinkled at the copper-mounted Baldwin piano as if to cue the bartender to “Set ’em up Joe.” Beau Wheat served Ol’ Blue Eyes and his companion, actress Irene Tsu, in Sinatra’s customary first booth. Three years later, Sinatra would give away Wheat to PGA star Ken Venturi at their 1972 wedding at St. Louis Catholic Church in Cathedral City…”

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