“When taking that first step down into the sunken main dining room at Wally’s Desert Turtle, there’s a sense of both nostalgia and elation. Nostalgia because the atmosphere (and menu) have mostly remained unchanged in the 43 years since Wally Botello founded the French-tinged restaurant in 1978. And elation because you’re about to embark on Rancho Mirage’s finest dining experience.
Once seated, diners are enveloped — top to bottom, in that order — by an eclectic fantasia dreamed up by designers Steve Chase and Randy Patton, including a towering coffered ceiling punctuated with mirror, lavish Peruvian candelabras, etched glass panels, an atrium bursting with light and greenery, exotic hand-painted murals of desertscapes, and nightly live music wafting through it all.
They don’t make restaurants like this anymore…”

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