Reprinted from the July 1965 Issue of Palm Springs Life magazine.

Walt Disney, whose Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck brought laughter to the world and whose Disneyland is a playground for the world’s people, calls his home at Smoke Tree Ranch, “my laughing place.”

Whimsical, as always, he refers to the Uncle Remus story where Brer Rabbit oh-so-casually mentions his “laughing place” and makes it sound so intriguing that Brer Fox insists on seeing it. Brer Rabbit takes Brer Fox to the entrance of a thorny thicket, saying, “It tickles you so that you have to laugh.” After Brer Fox runs through and emerges bleeding from many scratches, he complains, “I thought you called this a laughing place.” Brer Rabbit laughs. “I said it was my laughing place.”

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