“Marconi Calindas has turned his passion as an artist into a way to advocate for causes he believes in.

That connection was never more evident than when Calindas entered a piece in an international art competition in New York City depicting themes of bullying and teen suicide. Afterward, he received an email from a 60-year-old man who had seen his work and thanked Calindas for bringing the subject matter into public view.

“I will never forget what he said,” says Calindas via email. He now resides in Palm Springs with his husband, Adam Lee Cafege. “He said he was bullied growing up and that my piece made him shed a tear. And for a major art competition to herald my entry as the winning piece was a major achievement in bringing those themes to the forefront of conversation and discussion. What he told me touched me and I told myself, I would never stop and continue my advocacy through art.”

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