“As far as Udo Kier was concerned, this was the film for him.
For director Todd Stephens, whose film Swan Song pays homage to the late Pat Pitsenberger from his hometown of Sandusky, Ohio, he quickly got on the same page as soon as Kier opened the door to his Palm Springs home.
“Because Pat was from West Virginia and Udo obviously isn’t, I put him (Udo) in but I kept thinking about it,” Stephens says. “And the thing about the real Mr. Pat is that he had really big gorgeous blue eyes just like Udo. So I flew to Palm Springs and met Udo, and he opened the door, and he introduced me to his dog, Liza Minnelli, and then I decided to cast him.”
That comment was met with laughter from the audience at the Palm Springs Cultural Center, which held a special screening of the film recently and invited Stephens and Kier to follow with a Q&A. The film continues to screen at the PSCC. Consult their website for screening times…”

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