“Greater Palm Springs Pride is one of the Coachella Valley’s biggest events—but the celebration’s reach goes far beyond the boundaries of the 760.

I worked at the Independent’s Pride booth last year and in 2019, and I met people from all around the world who came to Palm Springs for the excitement and jubilation that reverberates throughout the entire city. Greater Palm Springs Pride is back in 2022, with the main events taking place Friday, Nov. 4, through Sunday, Nov. 6.

“This is the 36th year that Pride has been acknowledged or celebrated in Palm Springs,” said Ron deHarte, president of Greater Palm Springs Pride. “In the early days, the entertainment focused around revue shows, and they took place inside the Riviera hotel, for a year, maybe two years. That type of Pride stopped, and there was a slow evolution to what we know today: a more-engaged community festival. The entertainment would continue to grow to where we are today, being the largest event that occurs in the city of Palm Springs annually, but also the largest gathering of LGBTQ people in the Coachella Valley on an annual basis…”

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