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Outdoor Dining Remains Popular in Greater Palm Springs

Kimpton Rowan Rooftop

“In a candid, grainy photo captured in 1918, a couple of men and women lounge against boulders near the stream running through Palm Canyon. An assortment of cups, dishes, napkins, and other servingware are perched across nearby rocks acting as a makeshift tabletop. The group’s casual body language and elaborate place settings suggest they are in the midst of a delightful picnic.

While everyone is eating outside more these days, the Coachella Valley has always enjoyed a history of snacking, sipping, socializing, and feasting in the open air. With an average 350 days of sunshine a year, as well as a culture that wholeheartedly embraces taking it easy, it’s no surprise how beloved outdoor dining continues to be in Greater Palm Springs…”

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