“Ah, Splash House. Where the only thing hotter than the sun is the envy of those who couldn’t make it.

Summer and Splash House go together like SPF 50 and a lifeguard’s nose. For three weekends each year, the beloved dance music festival transforms the quaint city of Palm Springs into a down-and-dirty pool party utopia.

But it wasn’t always the hedonistic house music dreamworld we see today. Splash House comes from humble beginnings, launching as a renegade independent party back in 2013 before evolving into a persevering powerhouse of the SoCal festival scene. Now celebrating the event’s 10th anniversary, its organizers are planning to meet the moment with an unforgettable pair of weekenders.

Many DJs and producers can trace defining moments in their careers to the sun-kissed pools of Splash House. We caught up with a handful of them to hear their best stories…”

Anna Lunoe Splash House

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