“Fluttering in the fronds high above the trails of the Indian Canyons, a raven scans for food and roadrunners climb into thatch after lizards. The large desert dove coos with her plaintive sound as quail call and scratch for grubs below. Life comes into the palm oasis, congregating for water. In the morning and the evening, cottontails move in for sustenance, the coyotes lurking in the shadows with bobcats scanning prey from ledges high above. The palms are trees of life in the desert, for little can live without their shelter, and the beans of mesquite groves tucked into pockets in canyon walls ensures plentiful food for all.

Through the physical re-creation of these elements of the Indian Canyons, a few miles away in downtown Palm Springs at the Agua Caliente Cultural Plaza, the Oasis Trail captures the essence of the Indian Canyons in a smaller, urban setting, evoking the importance of the trails that connect water and food sources in the desert and within the base of the San Jacinto Mountains…”

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