“During the pandemic shutdown, Palm Springs real estate agent James Valletti and a dozen friends from out of town were looking to get into some fun. But what’s a gaggle of guys to do when all they want to do is dance — and the bars and clubs are closed?

The consensus: Silent-disco headsets and a dance parade down the promenade. “I thought, what could be more fun than this,” recalls Valletti, who borrowed clothes and a purple wig from a wagon full of props his pals carted along. Starting at Frances Stevens Park in Palm Springs, they slowly did The Hustle to Arenas Road, picking up onlookers and alfresco diners along the way. “They were mesmerized by this spectacle of oddly dressed, singing and dancing fools, and they all wanted to join,” Valletti says. “I walked home that night on such a high, and I didn’t even have anything to drink.

Convinced it would appeal to the masses, he decided to spin it into a business. MOGO (short for “Music on the Go”) Silent Disco launched in January 2022, offering weekend tours October through May that continue to gain momentum. We caught up with Valletti to hear more about this quirky parade…”

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