“A full-house at the Chinese TCL-6 Theatre in Hollywood was in attendance for the premiere of José Luis Valenzuela’s film “Moe” (USA, 2023), a surreal dramatic comedy about an AIDS-stricken stage director planning his own farewell party. Valenzuela launched his film at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF) on Saturday 3th – finally after 17 years bringing to film what was originally a brilliantly-conceived stage play written by Evelina Fernandez for the resident Latino theatre company of the Los Angeles Center Theatre. Fernandez adapted for the screen “Moe” from her GLAAD Award-winning play “Dementia” – which originally was staged in 2002 and reprised in 2010. Moises (played by Sal Lopez) – his friends call him Moe ­­– is throwing a going away party because he’s dying of AIDS. He’s a theater artist and working on his final act as a drag performer…”

Moe Film Still

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