“The tattoo industry is and has always been dominated by men. But, like a lot of things in our society, that’s changing. A growing number of fierce young women — many of them graduates of prestigious art academies — are entering the business. Their aesthetic is, perhaps, a little more delicate. A little more refined. It’s less about cigarette-smoking skulls and more about the stories and meaning behind their art.

“A desert rose is never just a desert rose,” says Taylor Elyse Compton, a tattoo artist in Yucca Valley. “It’s a symbol. Maybe of love or loss or grieving or rebirth — all kinds of things. Each desert rose is unique to the client, depending on what it represents. It’s a deep heart-to-heart thing with my clients. My art is the connection between us.”

Hear from five women whose tattoo art is blooming in the desert…”

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