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Man Crush Monday: Charles Huff

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This week’s Gay Desert Guide Man Crush Monday celebrates local leader in volunteerism and community, Charles Huff, who turns 60 on his 10th year anniversary in the desert – TODAY! Charles manages the volunteer program for the The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert, a vital role previously held with DAP Health (formerly Desert AIDS Project).

MCM Charles Huff

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We asked Charles what his thoughts are while reflecting on last year and looking forward to the new year.
Looking back at 2020, what are some of your greatest lessons and/or takeaways?

“2020 Left me with a stronger moral code; all that is good, purposeful, beautiful, and for the betterment of mankind is the order of the day. It all is so very simple, so simple it’s difficult for most. Our conditioning tells us otherwise, but we must rise above our individual selves if humanity is to move forward positively. Society needs order for us all to have a say and chance, let go of your privilege whatever it may be and invite the new and different; opening your mind, heart and soul.”

Tell us what you’ve enjoyed most, or what attracted you most, to working in the non-profit sector here in the desert including DAP and the LGBTQ Community Center?

“The Non-profit sector is not new to me; volunteering, fundraising and board work are in my background in the Bay Area. Great people, pulse of the community, events, doing good for others with like-minded souls…. what’s not to like!?”

It’s 2021, the year started off quite shaky to say the least. Looking ahead, where do you hope to see us going? Perhaps, your birthday wish on your 60th?

“Frankly not sure how I want to answer this question but here it goes! I want companionship and love, the world needs empathy, compassion, love and accountability. Palm Springs needs a couple reality checks while maintaining its uniqueness and relaxing its privilege. We have 10 ½ months left….…let LOVE reign!”
Let LOVE reign eternal, indeed. Thank you and Happy 10/60, Charles Huff, our Man Crush on this Monday, February 15, 2021.

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