Now that we are heading back into the wild, a lot of our community have felt very lonely and hunger for some human interaction, especially romantically – if not for a relationship, for a night or two. Here is my advice…you have made it this far…don’t settle for less. COVID has been a time for reflection with nothing else to do but to focus on ourselves…use that time and energy in your dating life. If you were to invest money in a house, you wouldn’t settle for a house that didn’t have a bathroom, had a hole in the roof, was missing a front door, or had cracks in the foundation…so don’t do the same with your dating life. It sounds silly to do, and I used to be the one to roll my eyes at it until I actually did it, but make a list of your must-haves and make a list of your red flags…literally make a checklist. If someone doesn’t make the list, then you must desist.

Question from Edward: Now that things are returning back to normal and I’m going back to work, how long do I need to wait before I can break up with my boyfriend? It was really over before, but then COVID started and then I was trapped in it.

My Advice: Never ever wait to break up with someone. I know this happens a lot before the holidays or birthdays, people feel the need to wait until something has passed to make it easier. News flash – if it’s over, it’s over. They know it, you know it. No need to wait…you are just prolonging the inevitable and you will resent that person for having to wait, making the breakup more hurtful than it needs to. It’s like an eyebrow wax, just pull it off or it’s going to hurt more.

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