“It’s a scorching afternoon in southern California and thousands of people have descended on a resort in Palm Springs for the biggest queer women’s gathering in the world.

As the temperature pushes past 40 degrees, a female DJ revs up the crowd while a group of bikini-clad women dance and twerk by the edge of a pool packed with enthusiastic revellers.

Around the corner, on a manicured lawn lined with palm trees, others brave the desert heat to take part in a dodgeball contest, ducking and diving as six rubber balls are flung from one team to the other.

And over on the pool deck, couples, singles and groups of friends sit on towels and under umbrellas, happily immersed in an annual event that has become a rite of passage for so many women across the globe over the past 31 years: the Dinah Shore festival…”

Dinah Shore Sydney Morning Herald

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