“The theater world has had to find creative ways to survive the scourge of COVID-19. Options have included live-steamed virtual performances, limited audience sizes—and rescheduled productions.

Dezart Performs dealt with the latter for its current offering, Katori Hall’s The Mountaintop, moving the performances from January to March due to the omicron surge. Though surely a painful decision, it worked out well—and now seems to be the perfect time for this play, Dezart’s first show at the Palm Springs Woman’s Club in more than two years.

The story, a reimagination of Dr. Martin Luther King’s last night alive, takes us back to a simpler, more innocent time—before Sept. 11, the epidemic of school shootings, Rodney King and George Floyd. The assassination of King seemed to confirm what the killing of John F. Kennedy suggested—a stark future was ahead…”

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