“When Carlye Packer reconnected with an old friend, whose Palm Springs house is a shade of pastel pink (much like the ones in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands), the curator knew she wanted to transform it into a pop-up art gallery. The 1950’s midcentury-style vacation spot is rented out seasonally, but vacant in the impossible August heat, making the perfection opportunity — and challenge — to bring more than 40 artists, designers and artisans into the space.
Aptly titled House Parté, Packer’s show started with John Waters, who agreed to participate — most notably with a giant spilled poppers bottle placed on the kitchen floor and a massive La Mer jar in the bedroom. Much like his work, which ever-so-slightly bends reality through a twisted queer perspective, the California home is like stepping inside an acid trip, with different rooms that replace traditional furniture for similar art pieces — whether in context or shape. Someone, in theory, could live here, but who?..”

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