Federation has been diligently monitoring the worldwide and local outbreak and spread of respiratory illnesses caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The World Health Organization declares coronavirus a pandemic. Consistent with national guidance, we are closely following local advisories to track what is happening in our region. To this end, Jewish Federation of the Desert (JFED) has committed to funding 20 of FIND Food Bank’s Rapid Response Community Mobile Markets (RRCMM) to address the long-term economic impact of (COVID-19). They are deployed when urgent food assistance needs exist.  FIND’s RRCMM’s are a community safety net in emergency situations.

Each Rapid Response Community Mobile Markets cost $3,500 to deploy.  FIND Food Bank has requested support for 20 Rapid Response Mobile Markets. Through additional support from the community, we would like to fund additional RRCMM’s to make sure they have back up if the need continues to grow. 

In the wake of the novel COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization have issued guidelines to lessen the spread and impact of the virus.  These guidelines include to “avoid close contact” and “maintain social distancing.”  

Consequently, numerous community events and gatherings are being postponed or cancelled – including critical community food distributions.  When an emergency arises, FIND’s Rapid Response Mobile Markets are designed to quickly provide food to individuals who would otherwise go without, in areas and using methods that can provide for social distancing of people while still allowing them to receive food.  For example, open air parking lots where we can meter the amount of people in the distribution line, while people remaining in their cars until they are called in small groups to receive food.

FIND would be able to deploy the RRCCMM’s when other agencies in our area are not able to reconfigure their sites to provide social distancing.   

With your help, we can provide direct services to feed and provide for families either in quarantine or experiencing shortages as a result of panic buying. In partnership with FIND (Food In Need Of Distribution), who desperately needs funds to increase local support indigent families and seniors isolated and aging in place. Hence we are urging you to give as generously as you can, to help us as quickly as possible.

Let’s join together as a community to also help in this initiative, as the need will continue to grow over the next several months. To support this effort, call Jewish Federation of the Desert at 760-324-4737 or www.JFEDPS.org