“It’s like watching a murder in slow motion,” Republicans Targeting Trans Youth

High School Rowing Potomac

“My name is Eric Tannehill, I’m 18 years old, and I’m a trans man. I have been out as trans for approximately four years now. I started testosterone 2 years ago, and have been competing as a boy in sports for all four year of high school. I am a coxswain and rower for my school’s crew team (coxswains give orders and steer the boat).

A lot of anti- trans bills targeting people like me passed recently and more are being proposed. Republicans have decided that the most important thing to do in the middle of a pandemic is to take away life-saving treatment from children and ban them from playing sports. This has been painful for me. It’s like watching a murder in slow motion. I see what they’re doing and recognize that it’s going to get people killed and there’s nothing I can do but just watch as they target kids like me with a smile on their face and a Bible in hand…”

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