“When an iconic television show ends — think A Different World, Scandal, or The Wire — a small hole is often left in the television landscape. But as the third and final season of the Steven Canals-created, Ryan Murphy-produced Pose takes its final bow, it’ll leave behind a crater-sized cavity that will be felt for years to come.
Simply put, no show to date has done for Black and brown queer and trans visibility and opportunity what Pose has done since its 2018 debut. Picking up a mantle largely abandoned on television since Patrik-Ian Polk’s Noah’s Arc, the series changed a game that often minimized the stories of the sassy gay best friend or nameless sex worker on the margins of white, cis, and straight narratives. When the glitter settles and tears have dried, countless words will be used to describe the impact of a scripted show that centered the experiences of the Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ people who made up and make up New York’s ballroom scene…”

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