“Stepping off the plane at Palm Springs International Airport isn’t just stepping into a new world for travel-weary Canadians, it’s like stepping into a different era. This is where old Hollywood came to party and where new Hollywood still comes to escape.

Want to drive by Frank Sinatra’s old home — it’s easy to find and pretty easy to rent for anyone who wants to take in the ultra-chic Coachella music festival. You can also rent out Dinah Shore’s home – don’t feel bad about Googling who she is, I had to. Leonardo DiCaprio owns the home now and will rent it to you for the right price.

See, back in the day, Palm Springs was the perfect getaway for the Hollywood set. They were required to be within a certain distance of the movie studios they were under contract to, and Palm Springs gave them a getaway that met their contractual obligations but was also far enough away that most paparazzi wouldn’t bother them…”

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