With the news of Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten becoming parents, Peter Nieves, Chief Commercial Officer with WINFertility, weighs in on LGBTQ family-building trends.

On Aug. 17, Pete Buttigieg, the U.S. transportation secretary, and the first openly gay cabinet member confirmed by the Senate, announced that he and his husband, Chasten, were on the road to becoming parents.

“The process isn’t done yet and we’re thankful for the love, support, and respect for our privacy that has been offered to us,” Buttigieg, 39, wrote on Twitter. “We can’t wait to share more soon.”

On September 4, Pete Buttigieg posted this message to his Instagram account along with a photo of himself and Chasten holding their newborns:

“Chasten and I are beyond thankful for all the kind wishes since first sharing the news that we’re becoming parents. We are delighted to welcome Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buttigieg to our family.”

The news is sure to make parenting and fatherhood more tangible for gay men everywhere. We spoke to Peter Nieves about how this high profile couple might impact other gay men’s parenting choices and options…”

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