“In 1948, just two years before her death, Nellie Coffman, the most important woman in the history of Palm Springs, wrote to another hard-working woman villager, Melba Bennett, “You as a woman whose every moment of life is so full of pressing responsibilities, I know that you will be one of the first to understand why I have not written you fully. … I heaved a great sigh when I heard you had taken on (more) onerous duties. … However, I know that you will rise to the occasion. Only remember that you’re not made of steel or iron, and some day you will feel the results if you keep going too hard. Ease up a little, girl, ease up.”

All this month, we are acknowledging women’s history and their pressing responsibilities and onerous duties and celebration of their accomplishments despite enormous hardship. Nowhere is the fortitude of women more evident than in the history of the desert…”

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