“Fifty-three years later, people have vague memories. Many were too stoned back then to remember now. Which is why there’s no consensus on how many young adventurers poured into Palm Springs during Easter week in 1969. The college students came for spring break. The hippies came on a pilgrimage to Tahquitz Canyon, the ancestral home of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians, whose thick patches of hallucinogenic Jimson weed elevated its reputation as the place to “turn on.”

Then there were those who came for the Palm Springs Pop Festival. Reliable estimates on the influx range from 5,000, reported by The Desert Sun, to 15,000, according to Palm Springs Police Department’s official postmortem. Talk to those who were at the Palm Springs Drive-In on April 1 for the first of the festival’s two rock concerts, and the number swells to 25,000…”

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