“Hikers on the Windy Ridge Trail can experience amazing views of Mount San Jacinto and Mount San Gorgonio—and watch the steady growth of the city of Desert Hot Springs and beyond.

If you’re looking for a good trail that’s a bit challenging and off the beaten path, but not so difficult to get to, the Windy Ridge Trail might be the trail for you.

On days that it’s not too windy, that is.

It’s located in the foothills of Desert Hot Springs, just above Mission Lakes Country Club, near Indian Canyon and Highway 62, about 5.5 miles north of Interstate 10. You should find parking along Augusta Avenue, across from Clubhouse Boulevard. From there, continue past the Mountain View homes sign—before the gate, on the back side of the fence—and follow the gravel hill about three-quarters of the way to the top; veer left, and the trail starts just a few feet from there, on the left…”‘

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