“We’re hiking into wildflower season, and that leads to a question: Will there be a 2023 super bloom?

I saw some small blooms start to pop up in early- to mid-February, in places ranging from the western Coachella Valley floor (elevation 500-1,200 feet) to nearby hills around 3,600 feet in elevation.

Depending on the combination of rainfall, sun and temperatures, desert wildflowers generally begin blooming around mid-February through March in the lower elevations of the Coachella Valley and the desert floor. A few weeks later, we may see more blooms in the western end of the valley, where the elevation is higher, and temperatures are cooler. Mid-to-late-April is the peak time to visit places like the Whitewater Preserve and Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, where yucca blooms, hedgehog and beavertail blooms can be found…”

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